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TankDuel 3D is a free retro-feeling tank-fighting game for your J2ME cellphone. Everything you see and hear was created as one man show in my spare time. The game can be run even on the oldest J2ME mobile phones (supporting only MIDP1.0) as SonyEricsson T610. The custom made wireframe engine is highly optimized without need for any 3D extension as MascotCapsule or OpenGL ES, so probably this is the only 3D game in the world you can play on these jewels of mobile prehistoric age...

Please download the demo version below and send me a report of (un)succesfull test on your mobile device including the brand and the model. Right now the game was tested on SonyEricsson K750i generation (W550i,...) and Nokia Communicator 9500.



After 4 years of very sparse development I finally decided to release at least a playable demo of the game to the public. I'm just so lazy (and busy) to do the last bits which are missing... This release should be credited to a guy called mefpazur, who was doing enough e-mail butt-kicking that forced me to find a free Saturday to prepare a demo release - big kudos to him!

This software is hacker-friendly, if you are brave enough, you can do design own levels and objects, everything is stored in text files.

PS: the release date and International Suicide Pilots' Day is just a pure coincidence ;-)


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Please use zdeeck [nospam.at] borg.cz for contacting me. As you can probably imagine, every freelancing developer is driven by user feedback mostly, so for every download, there should be a mail in my mailbox - afterall I think I can handle a dozen more "you suck" messages a year ;-) If any fool is interested in commercial usage / development / modifications, write me also, we can have a deal! You can also try my other J2ME open source projects here http://zdeeck.borg.cz/j2me/.

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